Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Small Touching Story (Mainly For Professionals)

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door.

SON: “Daddy, may I ask you a question?”

DAD: “Yeah sure, what is it?” replied the man.

SON:”Daddy, how much do you make an hour?”

DAD: “That’s none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?” the man said angrily.

SON: “I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?”

DAD: “If you must know, I make Rs.100 an hour.”

SON: “Oh,” the little boy replied, with his head down. “Daddy, may I please borrow Rs.50?”

The father was furious, “If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I work hard everyday for such this
childish behavior.”

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy’s questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?

After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think: Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that Rs.50 and he really didn’t ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the little boy’s room and opened the door.

“Are you asleep, son?” he asked.

“No daddy, I’m awake,” replied the boy.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier” said the man. “It’s been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here’s the Rs.50 you asked for.”

The little boy sat straight up, smiling. “Oh, thank you daddy!” he yelled.

Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. The man saw that the boy already had money, started to get angry again. The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

“Why do you want more money if you already have some?” the father grumbled.

“Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do,” the little boy replied.

“Daddy, I have Rs.100 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.”

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son, and he begged for his forgiveness.

It’s just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts.

Do remember to share that Rs.100 worth of your time with someone you love.

If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days.

But the family we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than to our family.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Most Stupid Questions People Usually Ask

10 most stupid questions people usually ask in obvious situations…. It’s really funny… Enjoy

1. At the movies: When you meet acquaintances/ friends.. .

Stupid Question:-
Hey, what are you doing here?

Don't u know, I sell tickets in black over here..

2. In the bus: A heavy lady wearing pointed high-heeled shoes steps on your feet…

Stupid Question:-
Sorry, did that hurt?

No, not at all, I’m on local anesthesia..… why don’t you try again.

3. At a funeral: One of the teary-eyed people ask…

Stupid Question:-
Why, why him, of all people.

Why? Would it rather have been you?

4. At a restaurant: When you ask the waiter

Stupid Question:-
Is ! the “Butter Paneer Masala” dish good??

No, its terrible and made of adulterated cement. We occassionaly also spit in it.

5. At a family get-together: When some distant aunt meets you after years…

Stupid Question:-
Munna, Chickoo, you’ve become so big.

Well you haven’t particularly shrunk yourself.

6. When a friend announces her wedding: And you ask…

Stupid Question:-
Is the guy you’re marrying good?

No, he’s a miserable wife-beating , insensitive lout…. it’s just the money.

7. When you get woken up at midnight by a phone call

Stupid Question:-
Sorry. Were you sleeping?

No. I was doing research on whether the Zulu tribes in Africa marry or not. You thought I was sleeping…. You dumb witted moron.

8. When you see a friend/colleague with evidently shorter hair…
Stupid Question:-
Hey have you had a haircut?

No, its autumn and I’m shedding…. …

9. At the dentist when he’s sticking pointed objects in your mouth…

Stupid Question:-
Tell me if it hurts?

No it wont. It will just bleed.

10. You are smoking a cigarette and a cute woman asks…

Stupid Question:-
Oh, so you smoke.

Gosh, it’s a miracle …….it was a piece of chalk and now it’s in flames!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thought Of The Day - 22nd April 2011

A wise man once sat in the audience and cracked a joke.

All laughed like crazy. After a moment, he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time.

He cracked the same joke again and again. When there was no laughter in the crowd, he smiled and said, “When you can’t laugh on the same joke again and again, then why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again”

"Forget the past & move on".

Monday, April 18, 2011

Poems - Masti Ka Tadka

Roses are red; violets are blue ,
Monkeys like you should be kept in the zoo.
Don’t feel so angry, you will find me there too,
Not in a cage but laughing at you;
************ ************ ************ ************

Twinkle twinkle little star,
You should know what you are.
And once you know what you are,
Mental hospital is not so far;
************ ************ ************ ************

The rain makes all things beautiful,
The grass and flowers
If rain makes all things beautiful,
Why doesn’t it rain on you;
************ ************ ************ ************

I wrote your name on sand it got washed,
I wrote your name in air, it was blown away.
Then I wrote your name on my heart,
And I got a heart attack straight away;
************ ************ ************ ************

God saw me hungry, He created pizza.
He saw me thirsty, He created Pepsi.
He saw me in dark, He created light.
He saw me without problems, He created you;
************ ************ ************ ************

When your life is in darkness, pray to God.
Ask him to free you from darkness.
And if after you pray,you’re still in darkness,
Please pay your ELECTRICITY BILL!